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Travel Precautionary Message

In our greatest effort to public health care protection, employees and team members’ safety and stop the spread of the virus, we are fully obey to the guidelines and taking full measurements as set out by MoH of Cambodia and WHO. During this time, we will still be available for any communication by phone or e-mail and we shall continue to keep posted all the updated info through our social media pages. Through perseverance, resilience and determination, we’ll all get through this together, and hoping for the brighter days ahead …!

Traveling to Asia is something to consider, as travel resumes, most of the places implemented a new set of standards as the new normal. Specifically, the precautions that ensure protect the health and safety of all travelers. Ensuring a safe work environment for all local teams and partners.

What to expect ?
Protected staff – ADT monitors the well-being of the entire team including tour guides and drivers. Have mandated regular temperature check, wears a mask, maintain social distancing, and making sure all have access to hand sanitizer and available mask to those who need one.

Sanitized Vehicles – all vehicles are thoroughly sanitized before each tour and transfer. Provided with enough stock of hand sanitizer and face masks.

Accommodation – selecting hotel partners that apply standard safety and ensuring following the protocol on safety precautions, the elevated standard for cleaning rooms, and operating their dining spaces, common areas, and administrative services.

Rest assured that wherever you’re planning your trip, your ADT is up to date on the situation on the ground. And during your journey, the team are always available around the clock. They can make changes, answer questions, or provide in-the-moment support should you ever require it.

Book with us for your travel without worry. Safe Travel. Risk-Free.